Radio silence

I’ve been sewing like crazy to get my first batch of quilts finished for my Etsy shop…I had hoped to open my online doors this month but it’s going to take a little longer after all. Lots more sewing to do, and lots of admin too. Packaging, branding, finances, tax…anything else??

In the meantime, my flat is beginning to look a little like this –


(via Facebook – I don’t know where it’s originally from…)

I bought the biggest storage box I could find in Ikea at the weekend. I figured my finished quilts would be nice and cosy inside it. It turns out what looks like a big box in a massive warehouse actually turns out to be an ENORMOUS box inside a pretty average-sized home. Top of the to-do list for this weekend – empty our big storage cupboard so the massive box has somewhere to live. In the meantime, the fact that it is on wheels makes it an obvious toddler-toy…he hasn’t realised he could fit right inside it yet but give it a couple of days…


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