So…it’s been almost a year and still no shop…

I have lots of good intentions, does that count?

It does? Ok great.

It turns out moving house – moving country technically – is pretty time-consuming, especially when you have a crazy three-year old to entertain and keep out of mischief. 15 years of things to pack up, friends to say goodbye to, places to visit for one last time…house-hunting, curtain-hunting (which took a whole lot longer than finding the house), and generally finding our groove in our new life. And it has so been worth it. We’ve had so many happy times in beautiful Edinburgh, and there are few of it’s streets that don’t hold some kind of memory for us. But family…community…peace…space – these are the things we craved. After many years of talking about it, we finally moved ourselves back home to the beautiful Northumbrian countryside. Back home for me anyway, and home now to my two boys too. And we love it!

So there we go. Not much sewing, but lots of good things nonetheless.

And now, on with the quilts!

This was the first quilt I ever made, as a gift for the brand new baby of a dear friend. I’ve always loved the sheep print, and now that we have sheep living at the bottom of our garden (not yet in our garden but give it time, our fence is pretty flimsy) I think I need to order more. I love the token black sheep!

Iris' quilt

I have a few others to finish up, packaging to organise, and a few other bits and bobs to sort out, then I should be opening my online doors at last. I will be accepting custom orders too, I know a few people have asked about particular themes or colours. Once I have my pricing structure finalised I will list the prices for the various sizes (baby, cotbed, junior bed etc) and the ordering can commence!

Anyway enough about me. How have you been? 

In fact are you still out there? Leave me a comment and say hi!




To do: a hundred things.

Done: first blog post.